Er kroniske smerter ‘bare’ langvarige akutte smerter? Det skal professor Moseley’s gruppe undersøge for en stor sum penge de lige har modtaget. Læs mere her på David Butler’s nye blog!


On behalf of the clinical scientists I would like to congratulate Professor Lorimer Moseley and collaborators for an outstanding recent grant and award achievement.

Out of 3800 submissions, chief investigators Lorimer and Professor Johan Vlaeyen have won a NHMRC (i.e. National Health and Medical Research Council in Australia) grant for a project called ‘The imprecision hypothesis of chronic pain’. They will carry out a series of experiments that will test the idea that it is not the nociceptive load that predisposes one to chronic pain, but the way in which the brain encodes all the other, non-nociceptive, characteristics of a painful event.  This project won the Marshall & Warren Award for the Best Innovative and Potentially Transformative Project. Now this is a really posh award in Australia and it’s the first time a physio has won it.

Lorimer has also won a NHMRC grant for a project called ‘Explaining pain to…

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