David Butler er én af fysioterapien’s Grand Old Men. Jeg har valgt at videreformidle hans seneste blog-indlæg hvor han reflekterer over spændingsfeltet mellem teori og praksis.
God læselyst!

NOI Notes

The first wave
Forty years of practice beckons – what a rollercoaster! When I emerged proudly with my degree in the late 70s, all packed with Maitland style manual therapy, I was convinced I could fix all and sundry and I often opened a clinical conversation with “what can I fix today.” ( I feel ill saying it now!) Anyway, it all worked well for a few years but then I noticed that “it” was not delivering the goods so well. Unbelievably some patients dared not get better. Things were feeling professionally grim, career changes were pondered, but then, proud and erect, fresh from New Zealand, Robin McKenzie rode into town, maybe even on a white horse!

The second wave
Wow – this was it! How silly was I to miss the disc and the novel notion of actually getting people to treat themselves and to give your thumbs a…

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