Patrick Wall er, om nogen, den moderne smertevidenskab’s fader. Jeg re-blogger et link til et interview med Pat Wall fra BBC i 1999. Det er fantastisk, at høre ham fortælle om hans indsigt i hvad smerte er – men også trist at erkende, at det stadig er nødvendigt at gentage ham 15 år senere! Gad vide hvor vi havde været hvis han stadig havde været i blandt os til at skabe forbindelse mellem naturvidenskab, filosofi og patienterne?


BBC Radio 4  (1999) Patrick Wall and Samir Zeki  interviewed by  Melvyn Bragg on iTunes.

This has previously made the rounds on the web. On listening again I was initially quite sad hearing Pat’s voice – he died over a decade ago, but his rich precise descriptions of pain, suffering and the inadequacies of medical management for pain ring as true today as they did 15 years when the interview was taped.

I think anyone who manages pain should listen again. The youngsters may wonder what Pat Wall was all about, but I don’t think there has ever been such an influential contributor to our current understanding of pain and the conceptual shifts about pain that have occurred in the last decade or so. He was far more than the “gate control theory”, he was a scientist with few peers in pain research but his love was taking it out of…

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