Godt nytår til jer alle med et nyt indlæg fra en gammel kending.

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Everyone does it at this time of year: you know it, the “best of” or “10 of my favourite” or “looking back over the year” or any of the other variants. Or perhaps “Goals for 2015”.

I’m not going to. Not because I don’t think there’s anything worth sharing from last year, but because I’m trying to look at life differently for a while. You’ll have spotted the theme in my posts on goals and goal-setting recently – I’m not a great fan of setting goals although I’ve personally set goals most New Year Days throughout my life. But I’ve decided that maybe it’s not such a good thing any more, and here’s why.

I think I pointed out that some people treat goal setting in therapy as a sort of “to-do” list. Tick all the goals and voila! therapy is complete. You’re now perfect. Or at least, you’re ready…

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