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Applied Neuroscience and the “Paining” patient


In this 2-day course, you will learn the most common theories of pain as well as the basic mechanisms believed to contribute towards the pain experience. 

Part 1: WHAT IS PAIN!?

Places the current “pain revolution” into a historical context and discuss the pros and cons of theories as a guide for treatment.


Explores basic mechanisms of neuronal transduction, transmission and modulation (including peripheral sensitisation, central sensitisation and descending modulation) and relates them to clinical findings in acute, persistent and complex pain and management hereof.


Focuses on communication and the patient’s perception of pain and how the narrative about pain can be a therapeutic target.

Join this course to:

  • Explore the possibilities and potentials of mechanism-based assessments and treatments!
  • Learn the basic principles of “pain neuroscience” and how to apply them 
  • Make learning fun and inspiring by learning from a clinical scientist with relevant pain-credentials
  • Make your job easier and more inspiring by understanding your patients and how to communicate the complexity of pain to them!

This course will prepare participants for the European Pain Federation Diploma of Pain Physiotherapy EDPP More info:

About the presenter

Dr Morten Hoegh is a highly specialised physiotherapist and has taught pain and neuroscience to professionals all over the world.  

He received his PhD from “Center for Neuroplasticity and Pain” at Aalborg University (DK) and his MSc Pain from King’s College London (UK).

Morten has been highly influential in the development of pain education and was part of the The European Pain Federation (EFIC) task force to develop a curriculum for pain physiotherapy. He is now a member of the exam board for the European Diploma in Pain Physiotherapy held by EFIC and vice-chair for the Educational Committee in EFIC.

Morten works partly as a clinician at his own clinics in Aarhus (DK), as a lecturer and researcher at Aalborg University (DK) and as educator/speaker on pain-related topics across the Globe. 

He has published in peer-reviewed journals, clinical journals and is the author of a textbook on pain as well as half a dusin book chapters on pain (management and assessment) and neurophysiology.

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